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Fiber Distribution Frame

We are a China manufacturer provide Fiber Distribution Frame, the Fiber Distribution Frame is used in the Fiber Optic Central Office,the Fiber Distribution Frame also called ODF or ODF Frame. Fiber Distribution Frame make the fiber Splicing and Patching.our production line include: Modular Fiber Unit,ODF Frame,Fiber Optic Patch Panel.
Cheerwe- Fiber Distribution Frame Supplier.

12-24-36-48-72-96 core Fiber Optic Splice Patch shelf.pdf

12-24-36-48 core Fiber Optic Termination Splice Panels.pdf

12-24-48-72-96 core Fiber Optic Splice Shelf.pdf

CATALOGUE-Next Generation Frame.pdf

CW-1000C Open Bay Frame system.pdf

CWFO0735A Fiber Optic Distribution Frame Manual Guide.pdf


FIBER Optic DISTRIBUTION FRAMES CWFO01A,Optical Distribution Frame CWFO01A.pdf

Fiber Optic Front Splice Patch Shelf, Fiber Optic Front Splice Patch Shelf with PLC Splitter.pdf

Modular PLC Splitter in Rack, Modular 16 Core Splitter in Rack.pdf

Modular Splice Patch Tray With Bundle Cable Storage.pdf

Modular Splice Patch Tray, Modular Splice Patch shelf.pdf

PLC Singlemode optical splitter.pdf

Rack Mount 19 Inch Optical Fiber splitter 16 Core 32 core.pdf

Fiber Optic Panel 3U 144 Core Modular Plug-In Design.pdf

MPO Modular Tray,Fiber Optic MPO Splice Patch Tray CWFDF-MPO.pdf

1U 48 Core Fiber Splice Distribution Frame CWFDF-D48C.pdf
3U 144 Core Fiber Splice Distribution Frame CWFDF-D144C.pdf